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Mailfront Plugin Remotehost

  • Table of Content
  • Introduction
  • Environment Configuration
  • Sender Action
  • Recipient Action
  • Data Action
  • Message Action
  • Patterns File Format
  • Requirements
  • Installation
  • Mailfront Plugins Configuration
  • License
  • Changes
  • Download


Last Updated: 27 Sep 2009 GMT +8.

This is a mailfront plugin to provide ability for rejecting/deferring messages based on regular expressions in the senders' remotehost names aka $TCPREMOTEHOST environment variable if found/set or otherwise remoteip aka $TCPREMOTEIP will be used instead.

If you use with tcpserver option -h and -p, then $TCPREMOTEHOST will be set accordingly if valid DNS record is found.

This idea I got it from naokih at iron-horse dot org via google search using badremotehost as search keyword. You can read the qmail patch at

IMPORTANT: This plugin is written for and tested with mailfront 1.12 and should work with later version.

Environment Configuration

Line buffer size (defaults to 512)
If set, the named file is loaded and parsed (see below), and pattern matching is enabled. This is blacklist remotehost in short.
If set, the named file is loaded and parsed (see below), and pattern matching is enabled. This is whitelist remotehost in short.
If set, $BADREMOTEHOST matched will reject messages with code 554 instead of 451.

Sender Action


Recipient Action


Data Action

When client starts to transmit data, this plugin will start its regular expressions matching for $GOODREMOTEHOST and $BADREMOTEHOST. If any pattern matches found in $GOODREMOTEHOST, the message won't be deferred/rejected and will bypass $BADREMOTEHOST check if enabled.

If any pattern matches found in $BADREMOTEHOST, the message is rejected if $REMOTEHOST_REJECT is set otherwise it is deferred.

If sender is authenticated or $RELAYCLIENT environment variable is set, then this plugin will be skipped.

Message Action


Patterns File Format

The patterns file contains a list of standard regular expressions patterns except those lines started with # will be ignored. A control character = appear right after # which is used for customized reject message in $BADREMOTEHOST:

Comment line, ignored.
Comment line with a control character =. This is to let you customize reject message. The latest #= line will be used before the pattern matched line. i.e. if the match is at line 4 and there is a #= line before line 4 will be used. It won't use any line after the pattern match. Default response message:
Sorry, your remotehost match our prohibited list. (#5.7.1)

The following patterns list example for $BADREMOTEHOST:

#=We don't accept email from remotehost with bad reverse DNS.
# The below match any $TCPREMOTEHOST = $TCPREMOTEIP due to $TCPREMOTEHOST is not set.
#=We don't accept email from dynamic ip users.


  • mailfront version 1.12 or later
  • bglibs version 1.104 or later (might work with earlier version)


  • Build and install mailfront
  • Switch back to this package
  • Adjust the contents of the conf-* files
  • Build the sources by running "make"
  • Install the plugin by running "make install"

Mailfront Plugins Configuration

Place remotehost in mailfront's plugin list. Depending on your setup:

  • edit the smtpfront-qmail shell script and place the string remotehost after relayclient
  • edit the PLUGINS environment variable and place the string remotehost after relayclient
  • place the argument remotehost after the relayclient of the mailfront command

Set up environment as described in Environment Configuration above or plugin-remotehost.html which is included in the package.


This package is copyright © 2009 Giam Teck Choon or CHOON.NET, and may be copied according to the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE (GPL) Version 2 or a later version. A copy of this license is included with this package. This package comes with no warranty of any kind.


  • 27 Sep 2009 GMT +8 : version 0.02
  • Skip regular expressions for goodremotehost and badremotehost if starting line begins with null which is being replaced from newline
  • 15 Sep 2009 GMT +8 : version 0.01
  • Initial release


  • v0.02 md5sum d93c068a8555864e4f39510c47b5ce38
  • v0.01 md5sum 7139e1222a336e4bdcf9f8d04b8aeddc