Anti-Spam Policy

Last Updated: 10 Nov 2004 GMT +8

Email Abuse and Email Misuse is a serious problem, and CHOON.NET will not tolerate it.

Definition of UCE (Unsolicited Commercial Email), or SPAM:

For further information on mail abuse, please visit the Mail Abuse Prevention System (MAPS) website.

Repercussions of SPAM:

Across the Web, it is generally accepted that SPAM is an inconsiderate and improper business practice.


SPAM is not only harmful because of its negative impact on consumer attitudes toward CHOON.NET, but also because it can overload CHOON.NET’s network and resources, especially on our shared (virtual) server environments.

Our Providers:

Since it is unsolicited, users who receive SPAM often become angry and send complaints to our upstream providers. This upsets our providers who abhor SPAM for the same reasons that CHOON.NET does - it causes negative consumer attitudes and drains resources. We strive to maintain favorable business relationships in the Web community and obviously will not allow any practice that threatens these relationships.

Punishment For SPAM:

CHOON.NET reserves the right to terminate, without warning, any account that violates this policy. Usage of CHOON.NET services constitutes acceptance and understanding of this policy.

CHOON.NET may, at its option, charge $25.00 per SPAM complaint we receive for all (Colocation, Dedicated and Virtual Server) customers. Resellers will be charged for resold accounts, receiving SPAM complaints. Reseller may choose to pass this charge down to their client. These are non-refundable charges and will be invoiced at the time of complaint notification.

CHOON.NET reserves the right to decide what it considers "SPAM", "UCE", "mail bombing", or "bulk Email", and to determine from all of the evidence whether or not the Email recipients were from an "opt-in Email" list.

Should you choose to Email from CHOON.NET servers and/or network, especially if you use mailing lists, you must read and adhere to the following guidelines, which are offered as a statement of Internet standards and best current practices for proper mailing list management and preventing Email abuse.

Basic Mailing List Management Principles for Preventing Abuse

Mailing lists are an excellent vehicle for distributing focused, targeted information to an interested, receptive audience. Consequently, mailing lists have been used successfully as a highly effective direct marketing tool.

Unfortunately, some marketers misuse mailing lists through a lack of understanding of Internet customs and rules of the forum pertaining to Email. Others fail to take adequate precautions to prevent the lists they manage from being used in an abusive manner.

This Anti-Spam Policy and all other CHOON.NET policies are subject to change by CHOON.NET without notice.

Continued usage of the services after a change to this policy is implemented and posted on the CHOON.NET site constitutes your acceptance of such change or policy. We encourage you to regularly check the CHOON.NET site for any changes or additions. Visit our Terms & Conditions for further information regarding our policies.

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