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Singapore NRIC and FIN Number Validator

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Last Updated: 05 Sep 2013 GMT +8.

This online tool is used to validate Singapore NRIC and FIN numbers based on algorithms from

More information about Singapore National Registration Identity Card and Foreign Identification Number can be read at


  • This site is not linked to the Singapore Government.
  • This online tool helps to check whether the input is valid as far as the matching of the algorithm is concerned. It does not mean that the FIN or NRIC actually belongs to someone.
  • By using this online tool, you agree to indemnify CHOON.NET or Giam Teck Choon from any legal implications or loss of income.
  • This online tool is in place in the hope it can be useful to someone such as in their NRIC/FIN data entry.
  • Finally, CHOON.NET or Giam Teck Choon is not responsible for any damages caused. Use it at your own risk.

NRIC/FIN Validator