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With immediate effect, CHOON.NET will not handle de-list or removal request. If your IP address is listed in our DNSBL, you just need to wait for it to expire in our DNSBL listing.

All IP addresses listed in CHOON.NET's DNSBL/RBL are temporary unless otherwise stated in the result of the lookup. Each listed IP will have its own expiry date set (30 days). If there are further SPAM or Brute-Force etc. activities detected for the IP address within the listing period, the listing period will be extended accordingly.

Our lookup for IPv4 DNSBL is, IPv6 DNSBL is, IPv4 DNSWL is and IPv6 DNSWL is

CHOON.NET will not handle requests from others except from our valued clients related to our DNSWL (whitelist) listing.

Our DNSBL/RBL is to add a layer of protection for our valued clients as much as possible without any warranty of any kind. CHOON.NET will not be responsible for any damages caused if our clients or anyone choose to use our DNSBL/RBL and/or DNSWL/RWL.

IP address can be listed in our DNSBL/RBL for 30 days due to Spam, Worms, Open Relays, Brute-Force Attempts etc. or in short abusive hosts.

To check whether your IP address is listed in our DNSBL/RBL, simply complete and submit the following form: