Last Updated: 23 Aug 2013 GMT +8.

The following list of softwares written by Giam Teck Choon or CHOON.NET and are listed here in the hope that it is useful to someone else without warranty of any kind. So use it at your own risk.

Greet Delay

greetdelay is a program to introduce a small delay before an SMTP greeting for qmail. It also enforce RFC 2821's recommendation that SMTP clients not send any commands before receiving the greeting message.

Mailfront Plugin RemoteHost

A mailfront plugin to provide ability for rejecting/deferring messages based on regular expressions in the senders' remotehost names aka $TCPREMOTEHOST environment variable if found/set or otherwise remoteip aka $TCPREMOTEIP will be used instead.

Mailfront Plugin RBL Check

This plugin provides an ability for rejecting/deferring/tagging messages based on $RBLCHECK environment variable. $RBLCHECK is set by patched rblsmtpd if the sender's IP is listed.


This is a program to modify the MAIL environment variable according to dovecot imap requirements in order to access users mail storage.

Mailfront Plugin Add-Track-Auth-Sender

This plugin provides an ability to add authenticated sender to message header with each line header message prefixed if $TRACK_AUTH_SENDER environment variable is set and not empty. Otherwise it will be set to X-AntiAbuse: . If $TRACK_AUTH_SENDER_HEADER is set and not empty, this value will be added to the mail header first once otherwise it will use X-AntiAbuse: This header was added to track abuse, please include it with any abuse report without any newline.

Mailfront Plugin Check-Helo

A mailfront plugin to provide an ability to reject, defer or add it's HELO name checking results to message header.

Mailfront Plugin Check-DNSBL

A mailfront plugin to provide DNSBL/DNSWL checking of sender's IP address and to defer, reject or accept mails based on its check. This plugin will add its checking results to each mail message header for all mails accepted depending on environment variables configurations.

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